What Makes Kalanchoe Unique: Antioxidant Activity of Kalanchoe Daigremontiana

With over 125 species, Kalanchoe is a succulent plant known for its potent medicinal properties throughout the world. For instance, Kalanchoe extract is used to treat numerous infections and inflammatory conditions safely, naturally, and effectively. In many Asian and African countries, Kalanchoe is a cure-all traditional remedy prescribed for almost everything ranging from wounds to a wide variety of disorders including skin issues, ulcers, tumors, infections, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, and bruises, among others. 

Medicinal plants are rich in phenolic compounds such as phenolic acids, flavonoids, and many more bioactive compounds. These compounds are responsible for most of the therapeutic properties of this plant. 

What Makes Kalanchoe Stand Out?

What makes Kalanchoe really unique is its complex composition. Kalanchoe leaves are not only rich in phenolic acids, flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins, saponins, and anthocyanins, but they also contain steroid compounds called bufadienolides. Bufadienolides are steroid hormones with anti-cancer and cardio-active properties.

Benefits of Bufadienolides Derived From Kalanchoe Daigremontiana

Also known as the Mother of Thousands, Kalanchoe daigremontiana’s roots are a rich source of beneficial compounds called Bufadienolides. In a study that examined the bufadienolide-dense parts of Kalanchoe daigremontiana, an extensive array of bufadienolide compounds were found including: 

  • 1β,3β,5β,14,19-pentahydroxyl-bufa-20,22-dienolide
  • 3β-(O-α-l-rhamnopyranosyl)-5β,11α,14,19-tetrahydroxyl-bufa-20, 22-dienolide
  • 19-(acetyloxy)-1β,3β,5β,14-tetrahydroxyl-bufa-20,22-dienolide
  • 19-(acetyloxy)-3β,5β,11α
  • 19-(acetyloxy)-3β,5β,11α,14-tetrahydroxyl-12-oxo-bufa-20,22-dienolide
  • 3β,5β,11α,19-pentahydroxyl-12-oxo-bufa-20,22-dienolide
  • 14-tetrahydroxyl-bufa-20,22-dienolide
  • 19-(acetyloxy)-1β,3β,5β,11α,14-pentahydroxyl-12-oxo-bufa-20,22-dienolide
  • bersaldegenin-1-acetate
  • 14,19-pentahydroxyl-12-oxo-bufa-20,22-dienolide
  • daigredorigenin-3-acetate
  • Bryotoxin B, Bersaldegenin and Bryophyllin B
  • bersaldegenin-1,3,5-orthoacetate

The bufadienolides were found to be in a concentration of 0.48 mg/mg of extract. According to a study, the presence of these beneficial compounds in Kalanchoe Bufadienolides is responsible for their soothing and calming effects on humans. In Chinese traditional medicine, K. Bufadienolides has also been consumed to cure cough and vomiting. 

Most medicinal plants including Kalanchoe are well known for their ability to minimize and prevent oxidative stress and its harmful effects. Kalanchoe daigremontiana, with its cytotoxic and antioxidant properties, has been shown to reduce and fight free radicals in the body. Furthermore, the antioxidant effects of Kalanchoe can help protect the lipid and protein components of blood plasma.

How to Enhance Effectiveness of Kalanchoe Even Further? 

When you combine Kalanchoe with other proven skincare ingredients such as AHAs and BHAs, you’ll get the most effective skincare possible right at your home. Trusted products like Deep Facial Foaming Cleanser andAHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner from Zali Cosmetics have succeeded in combining these highly potent ingredients to ensure optimal results instantly. 


Recent studies have shed new light on the therapeutic and antioxidant activity of K. daigremontiana. Phytochemical analysis of Kalanchoe leaves has indicated that Kalanchoe is a rich source of bufadienolide-rich nutrients.

Furthermore, examination of antioxidant properties of bufadienolide-rich Kalanchoe extracts showed promising results. These studies have proved that whether consumed or used topically, Kalanchoe daigremontiana extract has beneficial effects on skin and overall health.

Kalanchoe is found to be effective for a wide range of skin woes. With its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it can help you eliminate redness, pain, and swelling from your skin that is associated with most types of acne. 

Using Kalanchoe-based products on painful and inflamed pimples can provide you with quick and effective relief. Moreover, kalanchoe possesses potent wound healing properties that can help you get rid of acne blemishes safely.

Therefore, if chemical-laden harsh products are making your skin excessively dry and irritated, including high-quality Kalanchoe products in your regimen can help soothe and heal your skin from the inside out. 

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