Top 3 Ways to Treat Teen Acne with Kalanchoe Cosmetics For Teenagers

With plenty of changes in the body to deal with, acne is one of the most dreaded problems for any teenager. Today’s young boys and girls suffer from obesity issues and hormonal disturbances, but acne is probably the most complex one. 

When puberty hits, our bodies start releasing all kinds of hormones to boost growth. However, sometimes these hormones can have adverse effects on the oil glands in the skin – acne is one of the most common consequences. While acne doesn’t affect everyone, it is more common in adolescents with a genetic history of pimples and acne, and those leading a sedentary lifestyle or eating a poor diet.

What Causes Acne in Teenagers?

Acne-prone skin usually has red spots and pimples filled with pus. It appears oily and may also have blackheads, whiteheads, and acne scars. The underlying cause of acne is the blocked oil glands located under the hair follicles.

Acne occurs when these oil glands, present at the base of the hair follicles, get blocked and infected with bacteria. The number and activity of glands increase due to increased hormone levels – especially the male hormone testosterone. 

As a result, the excess sebum or oil clogs the pores at the base of follicles trapping dead skin cells. The condition is significantly aggravated when combined with other hormonal issues in women such as PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease), irregular periods, and weight gain, among others.

How to Treat Teen Acne Right? 

  1. For treatment to be effective, parents should also play a role in the treatment. First of all, you must realize that it’s a medical condition rather than a cosmetic one. Parents must do everything to instill confidence in their children suffering from acne. This will give them the much-needed assurance that their acne will be treated successfully with some lifestyle management. Eventually, medication, conjunction with a healthy diet, natural remedies like Kalanchoe extract, and a healthy diet can help reduce acne significantly. 
  • For most teenagers, using a mild but effective cleanser containing AHAs, BHAs, and proven natural ingredients like Kalanchoe extract, drinking lots of water, and using a gentle skin cleanser and a toner ( AHA, BHAs + Kalanchoe leaf extract) can work wonders for their skin. That being said, acne occurs with different severity levels in different individuals and the right treatment for you will depend on the type of your acne. We recommend Deep Facial foaming cleanser and AHA & BHA Daily Clean toner from Zali Cosmetics.
  • In recent years, there has been extensive use of Kalanchoe-based products in acne treatment. Apart from its anti-inflammatory properties, Kalanchoe has potent anti-microbial properties which may be the reason why it’s so effective for acne treatment. Kalanchoe is abundant in beneficial compounds such as polysaccharides that have been proven to reduce acne and excess sebum production in almost all skin types. 

Can Kalanchoe Treat Your Teen Acne?

From professional treatments to topical creams, the journey to get rid of acne may be difficult and expensive. That being said, there are several all-natural solutions like Kalanchoe leaf extract that can help treat acne by addressing the root cause. 

The good news is that Kalanchoe is pretty gentle yet effective on the skin. So, there’s no risk of any irritation or allergic reaction even if you have sensitive skin. That’s why most dermatologists recommend it for a wide range of skin issues including sunburn and eczema, mainly because of its soothing and hydrating properties. But, Kalanchoe is not just great for your skin it has a variety of other applications that you might have never heard of before. Kalanchoe extract is a treasure trove of crucial vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and E that are essential for healthy and naturally glowing skin.

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