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Kalanchoe diagremontiana is a powerful active ingredient infused at the highest concentration in a miracle skin regeneration treatment. The Zali Cosmetics skincare and wellness products range is fruited from the founder’s in-depth research and consultations with local and international experts of the beauty and cosmetic field.

Exceptional Botanical Hydration Mechanism

In Southwest, Madagascar grows the Kalanchoe diagremontiana, a native succulent plant known for its extraordinary healing and hydrating properties used by locals to soothe skin irritations and itching. Its leaves, which quickly sprout seedlings and have a green, thick, and fleshy appearance even in extremely dry environments, symbolize the extraordinary ability of life to regenerate.
kalanchoe diagremontianaIt has been introduced to numerous tropical and subtropical regions, such as Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Venezuela, Israel, Argentina, and Brazil.
In studying the Kalanchoe diagremontiana, we discovered that its leaves are structured in a surprisingly similar way to the human skin. Like our skin, the Kalanchoe diagremontiana can retain 94% of water in its leaves in times of dryness both on the surface and from within. The leaves have high amounts of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which makes this plant very useful in treating acne, wounds, burns, and skin inflammations.
We also discovered the extraordinary ability of  the Kalanchoe diagremontiana extract to revitalize the natural production of the sponge-like molecules that absorb and retain water within our skin. Organic Kalanchoe diagremontiana extract’s ability to promote hyaluronic acid synthesis has been shown by the same mechanism as hyaluronic acid, the skin’s “sponge” molecule.

Zali Signature

This facial skincare’s powerful concentration of Kalanchoe diagremontiana penetrates deep into the skin and creates a healthy canvas. It’s lightweight and as active as a cosmetic water.
They are multi-purpose for daily and night use and are 100% natural, biodegradable, and gentle to all skin types.

Zali X PRO-K Labs Series

The PRO-K Hemokare brand was developed in response to the need for relief from hemorrhoids which can be debilitating and embarrassing to deal with. This product has been produced with the highest quality standards and with a focus on efficacy and safety. it is a specific formulation designed to provide relief from painful itching, burning, or discomfort as a result of hemorrhoids.
The PRO-K Hemokare Crème is an all-natural crème that is enhanced with leaf extract from Kalanchoe daigremontiana and fortified with active ingredients such as Witch Hazel, shea butter, tea tree oil, and lanolin to provide relief naturally.