How to Get Rid Of Your Acne? Try This 4 Step For The Clear Skin Routine

If your skin is prone to acne and breakouts, you must follow a skincare routine that can help cure them and even prevent them from reoccurring effectively and safely. The good news is that you can keep your pores clean and unclogged, get rid of excess oil, and fade blemishes with an effective skincare routine right at your home.

For beginners, it can be confusing to design an ideal skincare routine for acne treatment especially with the availability of a myriad of products and a lot of conflicting information on the internet. For acne treatment, however, you don’t necessarily need a complicated skincare routine.

Here’s a list of things you should keep in mind to create an effective skincare routine to manage your acne

1. Be Gentle

You can also use a soft washcloth to properly cleanse your face by just using your fingertips. Don’t miss your jawline, earlobes, and neck. Further, you don’t have to scrub your skin aggressively or use harsh pads. These aggressive methods won’t make your skin cleaner.

The most important thing to remember is to cleanse your skin with a mild yet effective chemical cleanser. If your acne is mild, it is a good idea to use an acne-clearing cleanser with natural soothing ingredients like Kalanchoe extract. Choose one with AHAs and BHAs like a Deep Facial foaming cleanser

If your acne is severe, you may need prescription acne treatment. However, as an alternative, you can use a gentle cleanser to get rid of acne-causing bacteria and excess oil daily. There are some really good options available on the market when it comes to alcohol-free cleansers from trusted brands Zali Cosmetics. 

Secondly, wearing makeup or sweating excessively throughout the day especially after work out will also cause your skin to become extra dirty and greasy at night. That’s why it’s important to repeat the same skincare routine such as cleansing, toning, and moisturizing at night. By using safe and effective products every night, you can ensure your skin is free from all traces of dirt, sweat, and makeup so that your skin can breathe. 

2. Add Toner/Astringent to Your Routine

Toners and astringents are exceptionally effective at removing excess oil, hydrating, and toning your skin to keep it firm and squeaky clean. What’s more, a daily toner can even help treat blackheads and blemishes depending on the type of ingredients you choose in your toner. 

For instance, if you’re suffering from acne, choose a toner that contains pore-clearing ingredients like AHAs and BHAs along with natural, healing, and antibacterial herbs like Kalanchoe leaf extract. Use a cotton pad to apply toner on your face and neck to get rid of all traces of oil and makeup. 

The most suitable astringents for oily skin are those that are effective for removing excess oil. On the other hand, a toner containing Kalanchoe extract and other hydrating ingredients is great for you if you have dry skin, or if harsh acne treatments make it more sensitive or dry it out.

If you have a dry skin type, or your skin is easily irritated by acne treatments, you should consider alcohol-free skincare products. Alcohol-containing products can dry out and irritate sensitive skin. Even if don’t have very dry or sensitive skin, alcohol-containing toners may cause a lot of pain and irritation where there are open pimples.

3. Acne Medications

Most of these meditations are in the form of a cream or gel that either your doctor prescribes or you can buy over-the-counter. You can continue to the following steps after the medication has absorbed or dried completely. To know the best acne treatment medication for you, contact your dermatologist.

4. Start Using Oil-Free Moisturizer 

Many people have this misconception that moisturizing their skin will make their acne worse. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. You should moisturize your skin even if you have oily skin. Excessive use of acne medicines can make your skin dull and dry, stripping away its natural oils. Applying a light moisturizer at least twice a day can dramatically improve your dry skin and treat other associated conditions like peeling and irritation safely.

Today’s high-quality moisturizers won’t make your skin greasy. They are suitable for oily skin because they penetrate deeply into your skin. All they do is intensely hydrate your skin and replenish it with essential oils without aggravating acne.

In conclusion 

The best skincare routine doesn’t have to include the costliest products or harmful chemicals. Consistency is key to getting flawless results.

We hope that this brief guide will help you create your own effective skincare routine to fight acne. Be sure to check our range of skincare products here

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