How to Cleanse Your Face? 5 Expert Tips

Well, practically, cleansing your face seems pretty easy and straightforward. But, there are certain techniques and skills associated with it that you need to know for the best results.

The technique you use to cleanse your face could mean the difference between healthy, radiant skin and a dull, lifeless complexion.  

Experienced dermatologists are of the view that cleansing your face is not just about removing your make-up or treating your acne. In fact, they recommend people to deep cleanse their face at least twice a day – once in the morning and the second time, during the evening or night. But remember, it is not the number of times you cleanse the face but how you cleanse the face is that matters. 

If you continually make an active effort to keep your skin free from dirt and make-up, it will help your skin to regenerate and rejuvenate during the night. 

To help you learn the techniques we are talking about, here are some tips from some of the most experienced skin experts you can use to get rid of stubborn blemishes and bumps right away: 

 1. Put an Active Effort to Remove Your Makeup 

Before going to bed, remove your make-up using a gentle and natural make-up remover. Do not use products that are packed with chemicals. Instead, opt for products that contain natural and safe ingredients.  

If you do not follow this simple tip, your pores might actually get filled with toxins at night, making your skin feel congested and prone to breakouts as a result. Note that this step is important for all skin types, even for those who have sensitive or dry skin. 

 2. Do Not Use Hot or Cold Water 

If you use water at extreme temperatures, it can irritate your skin. Stick to the middle ground, as it provides maximum relaxation. You do not want skin that has turned red or blue due to extreme hot or cold water. In fact, lukewarm water is great for healing pores without irritating rashes on the skin. 

3. Clean the Jaws and Neck Too 

Most people stop cleaning their face at the chin, not paying attention to the corners and neck. But remember, the jaw and neck are equally prone to debris and dirt build-up. Take a good quality cleanser without proven ingredients like AHAs and BHAs, and give your face a cleansing massage. 

While, you clean your face, regardless of the area, gently move your fingers in an upward and in a circular motion to relax your facial muscles. This is also a good way to make your skin tight and naturally lifted. 

Our Deep Facial Foaming Cleanser combines multitasking ingredients like AHAs & BHAs with natural plant-derived ingredients like Kalanchoe extract to soothe and brighten up your complexion from the inside out.  

 4. Use a Soft Towel to Dry Your Skin 

Another common misconception people have is that if they leave water on their face, it will hydrate their skin better. However, the truth is that it can cause more dryness to your skin when it evaporates. 

Use a soft towel, preferably anti-microbial, and gently tap over your face. Be extra careful near the sensitive areas, especially around your eyes or under your nose.

5. Use a Toner to Finish It Off

Toners are gentle liquids that help make your skin soft and supple by maintaining the right pH balance and hydrating it intensely. You can also use toners that are specifically designed to address skin issues on your face. For example, AHAs & BHAs infused toners are great for treating acne and roughness. Apply toner with a cotton ball by gently tapping all over your face. 

All types of skin can benefit from the combination of AHAs and BHAs, found in our Daily Clean Toner. This innovative toner also includes powerful natural ingredients like Kalanchoe extract to promote optimum skin health and give your skin a hydrated and youthful glow.

Choose the Routine That Suits You 

There is no single solution for your skincare. You will need to experiment according to what is comfortable to you and your skin. For example, some people will need to cleanse their face even more than twice to keep it fresh. 

Also, remember that face cleansing is just one step to keep your skin clean and healthy. The overall health of your skin will also depend on other face products you use, and how well you keep your skin protected from pollutants and other factors. 

Figure out your goals for cleansing your face, start with a routine, and tune it according to how well it works for you. 

We hope this step-by-step guide will help you create a perfect cleansing routine for your skin. Make sure to explore our full range here.

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