5 Proven Ways Kalanchoe Can Cure Acne and Combat Other Skin Problems

Kalanchoe is an effective natural remedy for a lot of skin issues. But, does Kalanchoe have the ability to clear acne or acne scars? Let’s find out in this comprehensive guide. 

For the uninitiated, Kalanchoe is a succulent perennial plant that has been widely used to treat almost all kinds of skin-related issues including acne, burns, and even minor abrasions, for centuries. It can be attributed to the range of beneficial compounds it contains including flavonoids (kaempferol, quercetin), tannins, organic acids, vitamins, beneficial enzymes, and mineral salts, among others. 

Scientists and researchers have extensively studied the effects of Kalanchoe on acne and other skin issues. In this article, we will examine the topical application of Kalanchoe extract (in the form of cleanser or toner), especially its effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of acne. Using Kalanchoe extract for your acne is a wise decision if you prefer safe, natural, and effective remedies over harsh chemicals. 

How Does Kalanchoe Work As An Effective Acne Treatment? 

Kalanchoe extract works in several different ways to reduce and prevent acne and blemishes. When combined with other effective ingredients like AHAs and BHAs, Kalanchoe can even cure stubborn acne and minimize blemishes resulting from it. 

So, what are the properties of this miracle plant that make this possible? Let’s take a look:

1. Potent Antibacterial Properties: Kalanchoe possesses natural antibacterial properties. This means when applied over the affected area, it kills acne-causing microbes and bacteria naturally, while reducing the redness and irritation commonly associated with acne and breakouts.

2. Relieves irritation and itching: Kalanchoe is particularly rich in powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic compounds. This makes it a natural remedy to reduce itching, sunburns, and rashes. Reducing and soothing constant itching and irritation associated with acne is a significant step because you won’t feel the urge to scratch. Touching or scratching the affected part can make your acne worse. Additionally, Kalanchoe’s soothing and calming properties can take the pain and irritation away from your acne and pimples to a large extent.

3. Natural Astringent Properties: Kalanchoe is renowned for its potent natural astringent properties. Some people, who are not even suffering from and pimples acne, prefer Kalanchoe-containing products only because of their incredible astringent properties. However, if you’re suffering from acne, Kalanchoe can prove to be a game-changer for you. As a powerful natural astringent, Kalanchoe can pull bacteria, dirt, excess sebum, and other impurities out of your skin gently and effectively, and prevent breakouts from occurring. Already inflamed pimples and cysts can be treated to a great extent by Kalanchoe’s natural astringent properties.

4. Diminish acne scars:  Kalanchoe is naturally rich in Vitamin C that can help reduce scars as well as lighten your skin. This will result in the restoration of your healthy skin for a glowing and rejuvenated look. 

5. Powerful acne-fighting properties: Kalanchoe’s excellent acne-fighting properties can be attributed to its polysaccharides content. Not only it fights skin bacteria that are the underlying cause of most acne but it also works to clear and unclog your skin pores.

Not only it fights skin bacteria that are the underlying cause of most acne but it also works to clear and unclog your skin pores. Regular use can lead to a significant reduction in blackheads and whiteheads. And when combined with AHAs and BHAs like salicylic acid, it can gently exfoliate your skin by sloughing off the dead skin cells and restore your skin’s natural pH balance.

High-quality products like Zali Cosmetics’ Deep Facial Foaming Cleanser have a unique concoction of proven effective ingredients including AHAs, BHAs and Kalanchoe extract that can help remove bacteria and impurities from deep inside your pores, treating and preventing acne and other skin issues naturally. Kalanchoe can also help reduce redness while promoting intense hydration at the same time.

We hope that this brief guide on Kalanchoe will help you choose the best Kalanchoe product for your skincare needs. Be sure to check our range of skincare products here

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